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iLounge’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

It’s that time of year again — the Christmas season is upon us, which means that you’ve probably been racking your brain to find the perfect gift for at least one person you know. Well, we’re here to help you out with the first instalment in our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, in which we’ll be rounding up some of the best products we’ve reviewed over the past couple of years, and highlighting those that we think make especially good gifts for the iPhone owners in your life. Today we’re start out with a broader overview of a variety of smaller categories; we’ll be dedicated Part 2, due early next week, to the large collection of speakers, headphones, and other audio accessories that make up the bulk of our review coverage. We hope you’ll find something here to inspire you.…


Review: Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit for iPhone

It’s clear that the iPhone has become a serious photography tool; we need look no further than Apple’s various Shot on iPhone campaigns to see the incredible things that can be done with the iPhone camera system. Despite this, however, there’s still lots of room for third-party accessories that enhance the photo experience even further; after all, there’s only so much that Apple can cram into the iPhone itself, which has created a market for everything from Pro lenses to mounting and lighting solutions. Today we’re taking a long overdue look at one of the most popular ways for iPhone photographers and videographers to shed a bit more light on their subjects: the Lume Cube.


Review: Olloclip Super-Wide Pro and Telephoto Pro Lenses

Olloclip has become the go-to product for the photography enthusiast who wants to do a bit more with their iPhone than the built-in lenses allow, producing a whole range of lens options over the years, combined with a simple system for connecting them to your iPhone. While Olloclip has done a great job of balancing price, performance, and size with its Essential Lenses collection, some photographers demand more than what Olloclip’s standard lenses can deliver, and it appears that the company has acknowledged this with a new lineup of Pro Lenses that it announced earlier this year. So far, Olloclip is offering a Super-Wide Pro Lens and a Telephoto Pro Lens, each priced at $100 by themselves, or $120 if you need a mounting clip to go with them.


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Review: Belkin Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch

Although basic wireless chargers are becoming almost indistinguishable from one another in all but physical design, Belkin has unveiled something a bit different in the form of its Special Edition Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch, a solution we surprisingly haven’t seen before. While docks and stands that charge an iPhone and Apple Watch together have been common for a while, almost all of them rely on a wird Lightning connection for the iPhone, and many also require you to supply your own Apple Watch charger. While it comes in with a pretty hefty price tag, Belkin’s new dock gives you everything you need to provide wireless charging for both an iPhone and an Apple Watch all in one package.


Review: Belkin Boost Up Special Edition Wireless Charging Pad

Although Belkin was one of the first two companies to unveil an official, Apple-certified wireless charger for the 2017 iPhone lineup — even getting screen time at Apple’s iPhone event — its original Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad has begun to look like a bit of a behemoth in an era of much more compact solutions. While some may appreciate a larger pad that provides a slightly more secure base for the iPhone, it’s clear that the industry has been going in the direction of smaller, coaster-sized wireless chargers, and Belkin appears to be following suit now with its new Boost Up Special Edition Wireless Charging Pad.


Mac: Mujjo Folio Sleeve for 13″ Macbook Air and MacBook Pro

Dutch company Mujjo is perhaps best known for its quality touchscreen gloves — a product that has often been copied but never successfully duplicated — and the company has since brought its same fantastic attention to detail in creating quality products to a whole line of other premium accessories, ranging from iPad cases to MacBook sleeves, and now the designer label has just announced its latest entry for Apple’s new generation of 13-inch MacBooks — the Folio Sleeve. Available in versions for the third-generation 13” MacBook Air and 13” MacBook Pro, the new sleeve sports a large panel of full-grain leather on the front for a striking look and contrast with the signature felt on the back, with sturdy and reliable YKK zippers that surround three sides to provide quick access to the encased MacBook. There’s also room here for other accessories, such as a notepad, earphones, or even a small hard drive, while still maintaining a stylish and minimalist design that fits in with Mujjo’s signature aesthetic. While Mujjo’s Folio Sleeve doesn’t come cheap, it’s definitely a well-made cases that provides a classy and elegant way to accent your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.


Alexa integration coming to Vector on Dec. 17 along with more interactive features

Anki has announced that Amazon Alexa support will officially be coming to Vector on Monday, Dec. 17, just in time for the holidays. While the company announced the upcoming Alexa support last month, no release date was given at that time. The Alexa integration will be opt-in, so users who want to use this feature will have to specifically link Vector up with Alexa, but after doing so they will be able to issue commands to Vector using the standard “Alexa” prefix, allowing the little robot to provide access to the expanding collection of Alexa skills, which coincidentally will also include Apple Music starting on the same day that Vector joins the Alexa family. Anki has also published a video demonstrating the new Alexa support in action.


PhoneSoap unveils PhoneSoap Go, portable UV phone sanitizer for travellers

PhoneSoap has announced PhoneSoap Go, a new portable version of its PhoneSoap 3 UV sanitizer, designed for travellers and other users on the go. Powered by a 7,000 mAh battery, PhoneSoap Go provides the same ten-minute UV-C sanitization as its plug-in counterpart, but with the benefit of allowing it to be used anywhere. The built-in battery provides up to 45 disinfections on a single charge, and can also be used to recharge your iPhone at the same time. As with the PhoneSoap 3, PhoneSoap Go promises to kill off 99.99% of the germs and bacteria that contaminate the surface of most smartphones, and can also be used to sanitize anything else that can be placed inside the unit, such as keys, money, and credit cards. PhoneSoap Go is available now for $99.95 and also includes a carrying case and power adapter for recharging the unit between trips.

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