Emojis And Communication In The Modern Era

Emojis And Communication In The Modern Era

Emojis have changed how we communicate with each other. We punctuate our electronic conversations with images designed to mirror our thoughts or emotions. Once the hip new tool of the young, emojis became a universal phenomenon. We use millions of emojis every day, exchanged between people who talk over the web and on mobile phones. And like the fire emoji,

Get Anker’s Wireless Qi Pad Charger for less than $10

Get Anker's Wireless Qi Pad Charger for Less Than $10

Own the latest smartphone with wireless charging capabilities but still using a wired setup? You’re missing out on a lot of conveniences. Anker sweetens the deal by offering its PowerWave Pad, a wireless charging device for just $8.49, down $4 from its original price of $11.99 on Amazon. Anker’s Wireless Qi Pad Charger The Anker Wireless Charger provides a maximum

Tim Cook addresses employees amidst coronavirus outbreak

Cook addresses employees amidst coronavirus outbreak

Tim Cook, Apple CEO has recently sent a memo detailing the coronavirus outbreak and how it has affected the company’s operations. In the memo, Cook addressed that the primary concern was to suppliers, customers, partners and employees in China. The Apple CEO has also recognized teams who have been working hard to manage the company’s coronavirus response. Though the return

‘Replay 2020’ on Apple Music now available

'Replay 2020' on Apple Music now available

Last year, Apple launched ‘Replay’ for the Apple Music, which shows subscribers their most listened songs since they began the service. Along with the announcement Apple has also said that they began tracking listening habits and has put them in a playlist called ‘Replay 2020’. Replay 2020 Apple Music subscribers can get their ‘Replay 2020’ playlist by going to the

Trailer Video for ‘Amazing Stories’ revealed

Trailer Video for 'Amazing Stories' Revealed

Apple has recently uploaded a trailer video on its official Apple TV YouTube channel for its upcoming sci-fi series ‘Amazing Stories’. The show is a remake of a 1980s series with the same name. ‘Amazing Stories’ will be showing on the Apple TV+ platform, with each episode having a new topic, similar to Little America or Twilight Zone. Steven Spielberg

Headline- LiteChaser: The Ultimate Case for Content Creators

Headline- LiteChaser: The Ultimate Case for Content Creators

California based filter manufacturer, PolarPro, known for its premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for cameras and drones announced on February 18, 2020 the launch of an iPhone 11 Filter System – LiteChaser Pro. When PolarPro set forth to develop a new iPhone system, they focused on three core principles: high-image quality, optimized performance, and compact design.

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones is $30 Off

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The ATH-SR30 Audio Technica Bluetooth Headphones is normally $99, but today you can get it for $30 less on Amazon. Grab the over-ear headphones in Natural Gray or Charcoal Gray and enjoy clear highs and deep bass for just $69 on Amazon. Audio-Technica Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones The single most outstanding feature of the Bluetooth headphones is the battery. A single

Apple SoNo Collection now open

Apple SoNo Collection Now Open

Apple SoNo Collection officially opened in South Norwalk, CT. The Apple Store is the first to be built for the year 2020 and replaces a nearby location in Stamford Town Center. Apple SoNo Collection The entrance is marked by iconic pivot doors. The Apple Store can be found at the north end, near Lillian August and Nordstrom. The Apple SoNo

Instagram bigwig speaks out on iPad App snub

Instagram Bigwig Speaks Out on iPad App Snub

Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO addressed the question of why an iPad app version of Instagram isn’t released yet following a user question. Mosseri explained that the company simply didn’t have the resources to develop for the two platforms. The Instagram CEO also explained how the company has its work cut out for it, and that an iPad app isn’t a

HQ Trivia shuts down for good

HQ Trivia Shuts Down For Good

Popular mobile game HQ Trivia has officially shut down its doors due to lack of funds. All 25 employees were laid off and a final email was sent by Rus Yusupov, the game’s CEO. In the email, Yusupov mentioned how the company lost ground with a failed acquisition and lack of funding led to the demise. Scott Rogowsky, the app’s

How is tech recycled?

How is tech recycled?

Once a gadget is starting to break down, you may be unsure what to do with it next. Many pieces are made up of several different plastics, metals and other materials, meaning they can’t be put out with the rest of our recycling. Simply upgrading your technology? One of the best ways to recycle a working computer is to give

Apple Store opens in SoNo Collection mall

Apple Store opens in SoNo Collection mall 1

Apple has opened a new store in South Norwalk, Connecticut. It is inside the relatively new SoNo Connection mall which opened in October 2019. The new store replaces the store which was in the Stamford Town Center which is very near to the new location of the Apple Store in the area. It has been reported that the opening of

YouTube TV stops in-app payment on iOS devices

5 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers (2020)

YouTube TV has halted acceptance of signups for the service through Apple devices. Prior to this action, iPhone and iPad customers could sign up for the TV streaming service within the app without requiring to go through YouTube. However, YouTube faced problems splitting money between Apple and itself. Apple charges a percentage fee of all in-app purchases and Google finally

Apple Watch credited for saving 13-Year old in Oklahoma

Apple Watch Credited for Saving 13-Year Old in Oklahoma

News outlet KFOR reported today that a mother from Oklahoma credited her son’s Apple Watch in saving his life when it detected an unusually high heart rate. Liz Joslin, Skylar’s mother received a notification that her son’s Apple Watch had registered a 190 BPM heart rate. Her son, Skylar texted and said he wasn’t doing anything to register a high

Beijing Apple Stores screen customers for possible Fever

Beijing Apple Stores Screen Customers for Possible Fever

Apple today has opened its five Beijing-based Apple Stores amid the coronavirus epidemic. As part of a health measure, Apple Store employees are checking the body temperature of visitors as they come in. They are also limiting customer numbers at any given time in the store, resulting in smaller crowds. The Beijing Apple Stores also have shorter opening time, from

Firewall App ‘Lockdown’ now available on Mac

Firewall App 'Lockdown' Now Available on Mac

The popular firewall app ‘Lockdown’ can now be downloaded for iOS and Mac devices. The open-source software has been in circulation since July and started out life in the iPhone. ‘Lockdown’ blocks tracking services and analytics platforms that monitor ads, device usage and apps used. On the iOS, Lockdown has stopped a billion-plus tracker as reported by the app’s developer

Best VPN for iPhones

Best VPN for iPhones

Thanks to the cookie policies that were established by many websites and browsers to track the preferences of the visitors, admins now have detailed information about the sites that everyone visits and they can create a “personal profile” for each visitor. Some sites are even able to track the IP address of your phone, thus making it possible to pinpoint

Latest Apple AirPods now only $129

Apple AirPods

It’s the perfect time to get an upgrade or have your AirPods replaced with a new pair. Today, the second generation Apple AirPods is now just $129, down $30 from its original price of $159 on Amazon. Apple AirPods The AirPods 2nd generation boasts features such as auto on and auto-connection with your iPhone and easy setup for the rest

Telecoms carrier three launching 5G in the UK

Telecoms Carrier Three Launching 5G in the UK

Three, one of the carriers in the UK is planning to launch its 5G network before the end of February. The company states that the 2020 iPhones are ‘critical points’ that will demand faster data service. The UK telecommunication firm currently offers 5G broadband routers for homes but there’s much work to be done in the mobile front, as reported

New Pandora Apple Watch App won’t require iPhone

New Pandora Apple Watch App Won't Require iPhone

Pandora, a music streaming service has released a new standalone app for the Apple Watch which allows subscribers to stream podcasts and music without ever having to call up your iPhone. Developers can now make standalone apps, or apps that can run on the Apple Watch without needing input from your iPhone. This feature started when Apple introduced the watchOS

Apple will be producing its own 5G antenna

Apple Will Be Producing Its Own 5G Antenna

Apple will be making its own antenna module for use on 5G iPhones due to being unhappy with Qualcomm’s creation, as reported by Fast Company. The Cupertino-based company didn’t approve of Qualcomm’s 525 5G millimeter wave antenna module and said that it didn’t fit into the overall design of the new iPhone. Qualcomm will still be the one to develop

Get 62% off on the SURGE DUO Dual USB & Dual Surge Charging Station

Dual Surge Charging Station

iLounge has a special deal on the SURGE DUO Dual USB & Dual Surge Charging Station, which allows you easy access to outlets and USB ports via a desktop hub. Surge Duo features a couple of power outlets and two USB ports situated right on your work table. Instead of being a horizontal brick, this space-saving hub stands upright and

Apple begins pilot program for edge caching its streaming services

Apple Ropes Netflix Engineer to Bolster Apple TV+ Support Team

Apple has begun using the “edge caching” technique to improve its TV streaming service and very likely also other content related services. The company has begun a pilot program which is “invite only” to certain users to try out its new content delivery mechanism. Edge caching allows content to be delivered faster and efficiently to users as it creates a

20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business

20 Best Free Marketing SaaS Tools And Platforms For Your Business

Using SaaS (Software as a Service) tools for your business will advance you in the game of marketing. In fact, companies nowadays have integrated at least 60% of SaaS solutions into their operations according to a Computer Economics report, with the aims of both increasing and speeding up their sales. There’s no doubt that the use of SaaS will only